DrGale.com is a Business and Internet Consulting Firm established in 1998. I specialize in sales lead generation and then turning those prospects into sales. I assist car dealers, retailers and B2B companies in the set-up of a Business Development Center (BDC), the re-engineering of their Internet lead management processes and lead and sales generation, averaging an increase of 19% in sales closings.

I'm and expert in online and conventional advertising and marketing, mobile marketing and campaign management. I established my first successful business consulting company, "National Consumer Credit Consultants" (NCCC) in 1988. NCCC was listed in the "Who's Who in Finance and Industry" in multiple years. The NCCC consulting firm was sold to G.E. Capital in 1995. I started "Everything Internet", a Business and Internet Consulting Firm in 1996 to capitalize on the leading-edge of sales and marketing on the World Wide Web. Within two years, I sold Everything Internet to the world's largest business consulting firm at that time, Millennium Technologies, in 1998.

I have expert skill in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization, Social Media Management and Pay-Per-Click Advertising for websites. My experience began a long time before these acronyms became popular. Online marketing requires skill and somebody who possesses the fine-art of making it all work together to generate leads, then to turn those prospects into sales, without comprising your company’s online reputation.

Experienced in executive-level leadership, organizational planning and management, including:
Board of Directors, Route 66 Association of Illinois, 2013-2017
Board of Governors, North America Continental Governor, American Biographical Institute, 1998-2012
Board of Directors, U.S. Department of Peace Coalition (DOPC) Start-up experience, 2003-2005
                           Sponsored by Mr. Dennis Kucinich (D) U.S. Representative, Ohio.
Board of Directors, U.S. Woman’s Chamber of Commerce, Start-up of the Illinois Chapter, 2002-2004