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Neil's hobby of photography began at an early age. At 11 years old, Neil won his first photography award; an honorable mention in photography in the 1971 Buckingham Fountain Art Fair in Chicago, Illinois (400+ adult photographers) shooting with a vintage 1949 model Eastman-Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Click to see a vintage 1949 model Eastman-Kodak Brownie Hawkeye box camera. box camera.  Visit Digital Studios Photography to view some spectacular photographs and original artwork by photographer Neil Gale. Neil is the owner of the  Facebook group, "Worldwide Professional Photographers", an open membership group for professional photographers.

Lifetime Deltiologist Neil Gale opened the Chicago Postcard Museum on November 1, 2007.  The virtual Museum is constructed with lobbies, galleries, rooms and exhibit halls, just like you walked into a brick and mortar Museum that can now be toured online.  You will see special presentations and collections of extremely rare, antique, vintage, contemporary and novelty Chicago postcards. Listen to our Radio interviews, watch movies and slideshows in our multi-screen Sunset Theater Multi-plex or just relax in the Correspondence Corner.  Admission is always free. Bring your own food and drinks. Stay as long as you like. We never close.\

Neil Gale purchased his first Chen Mao oil painting in 1984 at an "at home" art party.  Don't miss the Chen Mao Museum and see this Asian artist's special horse hair and raised painting techniques.  The Museum now has twenty one Chen Mao oil paintings to display.  Please... pardon our dust as we are redecorating the Chen Mao Museum.

Illinois History Turns Futuristic.

Illinois’ history begins with the Treaty of Paris signed in 1783; ending the American Revolution, making the region a US Territory. Under the Ordinance of 1787, the area became the “Northwest Territory” and was then made a part of the “Indiana Territory” in 1800. Illinois became a separate territory in 1809.

As an Illinois historian, I not only enjoyed learning about our state’s history, but I also like to present the stories and photographs that make our history come alive. The next evolution of a modern day historian is to interact with history by allowing others to add to the richness of the presentations. This is where Facebook groups comes in, allowing feedback, comments and additional photos and images to be added to the presentations, enriching the experience of readers.

On October 31, 2012, I started the Facebook group "Living History of Illinois and Chicago®". People from all walks of life have joined to participate in this form of social history venue, creating one of the most interesting groups on Facebook. We have over 22,000 members.

I recruited dozens of Illinois community, township and County Historical Societies, History Museum Directors and career Historians. Many members are in public service including a lot of Mayors and former Mayors from towns and cities all over Illinois. In addition the group is loaded with local media broadcasters, including people from NBC, ABC, CBS and other networks, plus radio personalities from around the state. The majority of posts are photograph albums with multiple photos, which include in-depth presentations of history with threads (conversations) full of extra photos, links to supporting documents and plenty of history detective work. We can also boast about having a number of professional photographers on board who share their own work.

The group has a search function to locate posted subjects and keywords. A section is devoted to files and documents storing things like research reports, historic books and more, and a section for just browsing the thousands of photographs and photo albums that were already presented. Visit our Digital Library for free history books and tons of Chicago and Illinois information.



Tons of unique Illinois and Chicago items. ILLINOIS HISTORY STORE ®

The Living History of Illinois and Chicago's DIGITAL LIBRARY


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