DrGale.com is a Business and Internet Consulting Firm established in 1998. I specialize in sales lead generation and then turning those prospects into sales. I assist car dealers, retailers and B2B companies in the set-up of a Business Development Center (BDC), the re-engineering of their Internet lead management processes and lead and sales generation, averaging an increase of 19% in sales closings.

I'm and expert in online and conventional advertising and marketing, mobile marketing and campaign management. I established my first successful business consulting company, "National Consumer Credit Consultants" (NCCC) in 1988. NCCC was listed in the "Who's Who in Finance and Industry" in multiple years. I sold NCCC consulting firm to G. E. Capital in 1995. I created Everything Internet, a Business and Internet Consulting Firm in 1996 to capitalize on the leading-edge of the World Wide Web phenomenon. After less than two years, I sold the company to the world's largest business consulting firm at that time, Millennium Technologies, in 1998.

I have expert skill in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization, Social Media Management and Pay-Per-Click Advertising for websites. My experience began a long time before these acronyms became popular. Online marketing requires skill and somebody who possesses the fine-art of making it all work together to generate leads, then to turn those prospects into sales, without comprising your company’s online reputation.

Experienced in executive-level leadership, organizational planning and management, including positions as:
Board of Directors, St. Clair County Historical Society, 2017-Present
Board of Directors, Route 66 Association of Illinois, 2013-Present
Board of Governors, North America Continental Governor, American Biographical Institute, 1998-2012
Board of Directors, U.S. Department of Peace Coalition (DOPC) Start-up experience, 2003-2005
                           Sponsored by Mr. Dennis Kucinich (D) U.S. Representative, Ohio.
Board of Directors, U.S. Woman’s Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Chapter, Start-up experience, 2002-2004